Painter Creativity for Wedding & Portrait Photographers


Thank you so much for your wonderful DVD tutorials. I'm very experienced with Photoshop but new to Painter. I can't paint or draw, but I've wanted to learn how to create painterly images from photos I've enhanced in Photoshop. I ordered every kind of Painter tutorial I could find. Some were reasonably instructive, but I wasn't getting it. I was about to give up when your DVDs arrived. Thank you so much! You're a wonderful teacher -- your material is very clear, very well organized, and very helpful. I'm having lots of fun.
Becca Elliott

I received my tutorial DVD's about 10 days ago and am having SO much fun learning! You are a superb teacher, offerring step-by-step instructions and very masterful at keep the new learner at ease! So many times instructional materials go so rapidly, the menus and tools completely foreign to the learner that it is difficult to follow and not feel overwhelmed.
Thank you for your patience, your review processes, and the confidence displayed in your instructional materials. I am totally enthralled with a new process, a new product and growing confidence!
Eileen Keenan, Keenan's Photography, Kansas

Just want to tell you the Painter Creativity DVD's are really brilliant, have watched several times to learn as much as I can, and know I will go over them again. You did a great job.
Elsie Tysselands, Maui

Painter Creativity for Wedding & Portrait Photographers 4-DVD Tutorial Series, includes Resource Companion CD, (PhotoVision). Over 6 hours of clear instruction based on Painter 7. Includes companion CD with tutorial images. All techniques can be applied in Painter 8 (see Painter 7 to 8 Conversion Summary).

No prior experience with Painter is needed. This tutorial explains everything from the ground up and makes no assumptions about prior knowledge of Painter. Learn easy, simple techniques to transform your photographs into beautiful Water Colors and Oils - perfect for your top of the line product wall portraits of individuals, families and weddings. Also learn quick ways to create wild, fun and dramatic pop art effects ideal for high school seniors and children.

The contents are:
DVD 1 Introduction to Painter Setting Up Painter
DVD 2 Watercolor Impressionism Traditional Watercolor Expressive Watercolor
DVD 3 Oil Masterpiece Luscious Expressionism
DVD 4 Pop Art Dynamism Creative Experiments

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The original source photographs used in the cover design shown here are by, from top left and working clock-wise, Ed Pierce, Jeff Lubin, Ed Pierce and Peters Photography.

I wish to also acknowledge the special contribution of my friend Jane Conner-ziser who has been instrumental in introducing me to the professional photography industry and helping me understand the techniques that are most relevant to that industry (particularly the techniques described on DVDs 2 and 3). She is coming out with her own set of Painter/Photoshop CDs this year which I highly recommend. She also runs a wonderful digital art school in Ormond Beach, Florida.

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